Natalie Philips & Gabriel Decker, 2011



Glimpsing the Das Racist ‘creative process’

These objects were left behind in my studio. Feel the glow of historicity as it emanates from them.


Heems for the Fatima’s Oppression Pt. 1 demo; used in You Can Sell Anything on Sit Down, Man.


Kool A.D. for the Who This demo on Zoot Fantastic.


Brotman & Short: Synth Swag

Brotman and Short

'Minimal wave' is a favorite fetish of mine. It's come about from the reissuing, stylejacking, & rare cassette & vinyl blogposting of analog & lofi synth music from the ’80s (but also similar music from now). So beats, melodies & synth sounds. And often heavily filtered vocals. Take for current example Brotman & Short in Oakland. A unique sort of damaged, DIY 'electro' sound, coming on very protoindustrial but very fresh. With their own way of chaining gear, and their own tweaked out hardware, that is not a surprise. (Photo source: Flickr)

First time I met Max Brotman I was playing frisbee golf in Golden Gate Park with some mutual friends from Humboldt. Literally minutes after talking about their ‘friend Max in Oakland who makes synth music’ Max and a cute girl walked out from behind the trees, glassyeyed on mushrooms. The most random. Got cheap Vietnamese sandwiches later, and actually just went mushroom hunting (chanterelles, not the wacky kind) at Max’s spot behind Oakland last month. Man knows his spores.

DL two tracks from upcoming LP ‘Heights’ here:



Prince Rama & Sun Araw @ The Crescent Hotel, San Francisco 03.25.11


Prince Rama got so good since last time I saw them. This was my first time seeing Sun Araw. Better than expected/pretty great. I’m addicted to his vinyl and told him so. Yesh.


Such a good show. Free show. Copped the Houston Abstros 7”. Such a good 7”. $7 7”.


Watch: Bump Up (High Step) by Sun Araw

Cameron Stallones AKA Sun Araw from Long Beach, CA will be in Oakland at The New Parish in a couple days, with that other beatsy spirit-realm psych outfit Prince Rama. Someone on YouTube edited Bugs Bunny footage to the A-side of Sun Araw’s ‘Sun Ark’ 7” from 2010. Appropriate!

And some way noisy live pics from Flickr: